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Singapore Company Registration


Looking to expand your startup internationally but don’t know where to start? Singapore could be the perfect business launchpad for you.A Singapore visitis NOT required to set up your company.All tasks can be handled remotely via the ACE platform.

Because of the following reason.

  • No. 2 in Ease of Doing Business Worldwide
  • One ofthe Lowest Corporate Taxes Globally @17%
  • Startups Given PartialTax Exemption for FIRST 3 Years
  • 0% CapitalGains Tax to Insulate from Losses the Parent/Holding Company
  • 0% Taxes on Dividend Income
  • Double TaxAvoidance Agreements with 90+ Countries
  • FTAs with 26 Nations
  • Transparent&Sound Legal Framework forBusiness
  • Recognized Global FinancialCenter,Deep CapitalMarkets
  • Leading Insurance&Wealth Management Services
  • Economic &PoliticalStability

Registration Process

Working with us is easy. Once you confirm your decision to engage our services, you will get instant access to our service delivery team who will help incorporate your company quickly and efficiently.

Our support team will intelligently coordinate allthe steps below and be with you from start to finish.

1. Engage our Services

Smartly choose all the services you need with company incorporation, such as the mandatory Singapore company secretary,accounting services,etc.All you need to confirm this proposal is pay a 10% token amountof the total order value.

2. Finalize Company Structure

Justtell us what business activity you're into and we will advise you as to which company structure works best.

Next,upload the supporting documents that we recommend.Ourteam willreview this information and conduct the KYC due diligence as Required by law.Our support team will be in with you for clarifications to make theprocess smoother.

3. Company Name Approval

After the company structure is finalized, our team will make the company registration application with Singapore's accounting and CorporateRegulatoryAuthority (ACRA)forfinal approvalofthe company name that you choose.

4. Sign documents

Upon approvalofthe company name,ourteam willprepare incorporation documents ready for your signatures. You can sign these documents electronically. We will ensure that you never need to go through cumbersome manual signing, notarization, and mailing in of paperwork.

5. Incorporate a company

Ourteam willregister your company withSingapore's Accounting and CorporateRegulatoryAuthority (ACRA) once we receive your signatures on the incorporation documents.

6. Certificate of incorporation

Once your company registration is approved,ourteam willobtain an electronic certificate ofincorporation andthe company's business profile from theACRA.These documents serve as yourformal proof ofincorporation.

7. Bank account and post-incorporation

As soon as your companyhas been incorporated,ourSupport Team will coordinate allpost-incorporation tasks (bank account opening, share certificate issuance, statutory file management, and others as applicable).

8. Payment terms

We just need a 10% advance payment to confirm your order and start the procedure.The remaining dues can bepaid as we progress with your company formation application as follows:

  • 10% on confirming the order
  • 40% at the time of company name approval
  • 30% at the time of making the application for Company Incorporation
  • 20% at the time we share with you the Certificate ofIncorporation

Document Checklist

  • Unique company name
  • Abrief description of business activities
  • Details of Singapore registered company address
  • Particulars of shareholders
  • Particulars of directors
  • Particulars of company secretary
  • Foreign Entrepreneurs must submit a copy oftheir passport and residential address proof(overseas)
  • Foreign Companies must submit Memorandum &Articles of Associations

Mandatory Setup Requirements

In Singapore,all companies are required to meet the following conditions:

  • At least 1 shareholder (100% Foreign shareholding is permitted and the shareholder can be either an individualor a corporate entity)
  • At least one localresident director(This can Be a Singapore Citizen, Singapore PermanentResident or Employment Pass holder – Nominee directors are permitted forthis purpose)
  • At least 1 localresident company secretary
  • Minimum initial paid-up share capital of SGD 1.00
  • A localregistered address


Q. Will the nominee director be involved in my company's day to day operations?

No.Our Nominee LocalDirector does not play any role in operating the company butis appointed simply to satisfy Singapore's regulatory requirements.

You will be required to appoint your own executive director(s)(who do not have to be residents of Singaporeand can reside outside of Singapore) and they will be fully responsible for operating the company.

Singapore's Companies Act and its common law impose the same obligations and responsibilities on a Nominee Director as those imposed on a regular director. Directors are responsible for ensuring that the statutory books of the company are maintained correctly, its regulatory filings are done in a timely manner, accurate accounting records and annual accounts are maintained, shareholders and directors meetings are conducted as per the law, and their fiduciary duty towards the company is Honor at all times in all their official actions.Therefore,as a director ofthe company,he or she has to act as a fiduciary ofthe company mustensure that the company always acts in compliance with the law.

Q. Will, I need to pay the salary to the nominee director?

No.You do not need to pay any salary to our NomineeDirector.You only pay our annualNominee Directorservice fee.

Q. How do I Set Up a Company in Singapore?

You can set up your Singapore Company by applying for a company name and registering your business withthe Singapore Corporate and Accounting Regulatory Authority (ACRA). You do need to be careful while choosing your company type and accounting periods, however. Business expansion and compliance dates canbe a huge bother otherwise.

Q. Do I need to be present in Singapore to set up my Company?

You do not need to be physically present before the authorities to register your company.The entire process is done via the Bizfile+ digital portal. Note that non-Singaporean residents need to apply for a Sing Pass before they can register their companies.

Q. What is a Sing Pass and am I eligible for it?

ASingapore PersonalAccess account or a Sing Pass is a government-maintained account that allows you to transact with various legal authorities.Certain classes offoreign nationals are eligible to apply for a Sing Pass including those with Employment passes.

Q. What tax benefits do I get after registering my business in Singapore?

Singapore has one ofthe lowest corporate taxes anywhere at just 17%.Startups get partialtax exemption forthe first 3 years.Plus there are no bothersome capital gains taxes or dividend distribution taxes at all.

Q. Can a foreigner set up a company in Singapore?

Yes.Singapore allows 100% ownership of company shares by foreigners.